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Kindred Spirits

Somehow, I think I might have been rather negligent in the updating of this blog.  Seems to have been playing too much atlantica online , left 4 dead and dota these few days. Just a quick update, L4D is awesome in impossible mode with 3 buddies, dota remains the same as always and currently busy creating, maintaining and leveling those ppl in my guild in atlantica. Anyway, a deep apology to anyone I might have inevitably ignored in msn =|.

And so the season of giving is almost upon us and that reminds me that I’m gonna need a “get out of jail” card before I get dragged to attend a christmas event at a church -.-“. With that, I sincerely wished everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. Anyway, for those playing on sikyon server in atlantica, “Minerva” is looking for active ppl of GMT + 8 and we offer teachings in all crafts, out to grab a town soon. Interested personnel please pm either Anragaz or Zevaul =P.


With my Third Eye above my heart, I can see people’s hearts and their intentions but who will be the one to see and understand mine?

– Satori Komeiji



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Ephermal Existence

The doujin (self-published works) circle Maikaze will be selling the first DVD episode of its Touhou Anime Project at the Comic Market (Comiket) 75 convention at the end of this month in tokyo (28-30 Dec).

A rather star-studded seiyuu cast as followed

Reimu Hakurei : Mai Nakahara (Nagisa in Clannad, Rena in Higurashi, Mai Tokihara in Mai Hime)

Marisa Kirisame : Miyuki Sawashiro (Shinku in Rozen Maiden, Tsugumi in Kannagi)

Aya Shameimaru : Ayumi Fujimura (Miwa Kurushima in Bartender)

Patchouli Knowledge : Mikako Takahasi (Reverie Metherlance in Elemental Gelade , Ayumi Yamada in Honey and Clover)

Sakuya Izayoi : Rie Tanaka (Chii in Chobits, Simca in Air Gear, Lacus-sama in GSD, Suigintou in Rozen Maiden)

Remilia Scarlet : Ayumi Tsuji (Kozue Orihara in Chaos Head)

Suika Ibuki : Aki Toyosaki (Mai Asahina in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu)

Narration : Kikuko Inoue (Belldandy in AMG, Sanae in Clannad, Mizuho in Onegai Teacher)


Sure, the animation style and graphics might not be too overly impressive compared to nowadays show but nevertheless, it is set in the Touhou Gensokyo and is essentially an anime made by fans for fans. Not to mention the really impressive seiyuu casting for the show.

*laughes incoherently to himself*

Guess there’s something to look forward to towards the end of this year after all.

*goes off to search for more touhou materials*

– Anragaz

“Ever – lasting life is but ephermal, just like these phantom butterflies. For all I want, is an immortality with an end.

– Yuyuko Saigyouji


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Sleepy Reisen~

Sleepy Reisen~

“It was more tiring than I had expected, But he will never returned to the life he knew. His is the nightmare everlasting…the Eternal Waking……..And I have showed him fear…”

– Morpheus¬† in “Preludes Nocturnes”

Nightmare in wikipedia is defined as a “dream which causes a strong unpleasant emotional response from the sleeper, typically fear or horror, being in situations of extreme danger, or the sensations of pain, falling, drowning or death.” In dictionary.com, its defined as “a terrifying dream in which the dreamer experiences feelings of helplessness, extreme anxiety, sorrow, etc.”

You guys know who you are, please stop it thanks.


– Anragaz

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