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Brief Introduction

As a secondary introduction, this will be a pretty short overview of what hopes the author has for this web space and also a general insight into the intricate workings of the author.

Evidently from the first post, I am someone with an overwhelming penchant for over-dramatized scenarios and forays / references to mythologies.  However, such articles often requires obscure references and imagery and thus don’t expect too many of them.

I am a Singaporean currently studying in S.I.M on Finance and Accounting (UOL). In game, I go by the nick of Anragaz and Zag to those familiar to me. Current hobbies include gaming, watching animes, collection of images and some quiet reading. As such, expect the blog to be updated with news focusing on these genres and also general updates on my daily life to serve as memories. Oh, and check out the links.

There are theories that state that humans came about to be the dominant race on Earth via their unique ability to pass on stories / education. Even the description, Homo – Sapiens or “knowing human” hints of a species capable of understanding phenomena through shared concepts, ideas and notions. From a Tabula Rasa state or “blank slate” to a functional human in the society requires experiences and sensory perceptions of the outside world.

As such, this will be my “blank slate” to write my memories, to share my ideas or maybe just to jolt down random thoughts. I don’t write to please, or to entertain nor to influence others, merely as a form of self reflection and gratification.

Yoroshukei Onegaisima



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